Muerto Marie

Modified Mischief from Photography to Frippery


Born to a family of hobbits, Muerto Marie spent most of her childhood living in central Texas in a pine forest, living on fruit and wild plants.

She likes old objects, the more weathered the better. Cracked, beaten and broken baby dolls are one of her favorite things, but that's just the start. Old dresses (1880's - 1920's), bloomers, corsets, boots, tea stained letters, broken toys, and buttons are excellent finds as well.

On the other side of that, glitter, plastic animals, fake eyelashes, tutus, and wigs are excellent, inspiring artifacts.

When not twiddling away at the work bench, Muerto Marie likes to take rides on her 1957 bicycle.

Muerto Marie works to recycle/re-purpose old materials and objects in all of her projects.

All Muerto Marie products, descriptions, and photographs are exclusive intellectual property and may not be used or copied without express written permission.

♥ Muerto's the theme, baby. ♥



All of Muerto Marie's phtography is shot in black and white, hand printed, and hand tinted.

Photoshop and other photo editing programs are never used.



Muerto Marie takes old, discarded dolls and gives them a new life, or I should say, after life.

Every doll is unique, some are sculpted from scratch.


Handmade masks

Muerto Marie makes her masks from scratch; she makes a clay sculpt of the mask, coats the sculpture in a special paper mache using plaster of paris and shop cloth, then carefully removes the cast paper mache mask from the sculpture or "mold".

Because of this process, each and every mask is going to be at least a little different. Materials used to decorate the masks, such as fabric, buttons, flowers, etc, are recycled/re-purposed. 

Hats and Hair Accessories

Muerto Marie makes all of her hats and accessories out of recycled materials, utilizing cardboard, plastic/paper cups, old t-shirt fabric, unloved ribbons, used fake flowers, discarded feathers, vintage finds, etc.

She even paints on the back of old glass globs to create eerie eyes that peak out from her hats and hair accessories!

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